Corporate Compliance

Payments to Physicians

Why We Work with Healthcare Professionals

Working with healthcare professionals (HCPs) allows us to gather and share critical, real-world information, feedback, and insight. This is essential to fulfilling our commitment to develop, license, and market healthcare products that improve lives.

There are three main ways in which HCPs help us gather and share information:
  • Research and Development

    HCPs, hospitals, and research institutions collaborate with Supernus and others to research the safety and effectiveness of new medicines and treatment options, develop new uses for existing medicines, and conduct in-depth studies of how medicines may help patients.

  • Professional Advising and Consulting

    Input, advice, and feedback from HCPs is not only critical to advancing our research and development activities, but also helps us better understand treatment landscapes and the needs of patients and healthcare providers. Consulting relationships help ensure we’re developing medicines that are safe and effective, and that meet the needs of the patients we serve.

  • Expert-Led Forums

    Supernus engages knowledgeable, experienced HCPs to assist with educating their peers, other professionals, patients, and caregivers about health conditions, treatment landscapes, and, when appropriate, our products.

How We Disclose Payments to Healthcare Professionals

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act (the “Sunshine Act”) was enacted by Congress in 2010 to create more transparency around the relationships between pharmaceutical companies and HCPs in the United States. The Sunshine Act requires companies to report to the federal government certain payments and other “transfers of value” made to HCPs and specific teaching hospitals, and further requires those reports be made available to the public. Even without this requirement, Supernus is generally committed to transparency around our payments and other "transfers of value" to HCPs.

We believe that the requirements of the Sunshine Act, and the transparency the Sunshine Act has created, helps foster trust with patients, healthcare professionals, and government officials and helps reinforce adherence to high ethical standards throughout the industry.

To view Supernus' disclosure of payments and transfers of value to HCPs and specific teaching hospitals:

  1. Go to
  2. Click in the “Search Physician, Teaching Hospital, or Company by Name” field
  3. Type in “Supernus” or any part thereof and click "Search"
  4. Select “Supernus” by clicking on it in the Search Results

The CMS Search Tool will display a summary of Supernus’ overall payment information. You will also have the ability to search and view more detailed information for payments made to individual HCPs and/or teaching hospitals.