30 years of expertise in product development

Two Supernus employees walking through an office

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Jonathan Rubin: When you bring a drug to market, you have

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the potential to affect the lives of many, many people and their families.

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Rebecca Lannan: The impact that our eight marketed products have on patients' lives is significant.

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We cross between migraine prevention, to epilepsy, to Parkinson's disease, and now

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onto ADHD, with our launch product Qelbree. Those patients' lives, across

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children and adults, are changed forever from our products.

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Chad Tasker: What makes us so competitive is we put our patients first; everything we do is dedicated to make

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our patients' lives better. Customer service is number one, we eat sleep and

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breathe that every day——and we live up to it, and it shows each and every day in

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our deliveries.

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Sarah Munoz: Something that really stands out is the

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fact that we are able to help and change so many lives.

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I will never forget the experience of going into a doctor's office, talking to a doctor about our products,

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and being able to hear about their patients whose lives were benefited from our drugs.

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Bryan Roecklein: What one of the greatest aspects of Supernus is that we have a number of products on

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the marketplace generating revenue.

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We have a late-stage product under FDA review.

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We have two mid-stage products that are entering the clinic soon.

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And then we also have an early-stage discovery platform;

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so Supernus is not only growing, but it's going to be growing for a long time.

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Konnie Taylor: We are able to bring so many products to the market because of the people, because of the

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culture, and all of the hard work that everyone puts in——with the end goal of helping the patient.

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Roy Thomas: The number one differentiator is the culture that we've created.

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Erin Agustinus: Whether marketing, whether finance, all the way up to our CEO Jack.

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Logan Hoffman: Every day excited to come in just because of the people——you know, everyone around from senior

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leadership, down to our reps——we're 100% about our people. Everyone's excited to

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be here, coming in with a positive attitude every single day.

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Frank Mottola: Supernus Pharmaceuticals is more than just a lab—— you can be in the lab, you can be in

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sales, you can be in marketing, you can be in operations, you can be part of the

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management team, you can be part of the executive team, it doesn't matter——we all

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work for the same exact mission: bettering the lives of our patients.

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We are a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing products for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) diseases.

Over the last 30 years, we have built an extensive expertise in product development. Initially, we were a stand-alone development organization, then a U.S. subsidiary of Shire plc and, in late 2005, we became Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Supernus Mission and Values

Mission: To improve the lives of patients suffering from diseases of the central nervous system (CNS)





We market our products within the United States through our own specialty sales forces. We also seek strategic collaborations with other pharmaceutical companies to license our products outside the United States.

A record of successful products, with more in development

At Supernus, we develop innovative products that help treat neurological and psychiatric conditions. It's about more than science and research, though. It's about the real impact these products have on people by helping to improve their health.

Visit our therapeutics section to learn about all of our products.

Female scientist in a lab

Shaping the future by focusing on novel treatments

At Supernus, we strive to be a leader in the CNS industry by developing and commercializing new medicines in neurology and psychiatry. Some key elements of our strategy to accomplish this vision are to:

Drive growth and profitability.

Using dedicated sales and marketing resources in the U.S., we will continue to drive the revenue growth of our commercial products.

Advance product candidates toward commercialization.

Several product candidates in our pipeline are in early-to-late-stage clinical testing and moving toward being commercially available to patients.

Continue to grow our pipeline.

We will continue to evaluate and develop additional CNS product candidates that we believe have significant commercial potential through our internal research and development efforts.

Target strategic business development opportunities.

We are actively exploring a broad range of strategic opportunities. This includes in-licensing products and entering into co-promotion and co-development partnerships for our commercial products and product candidates.

An award-winning company

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